Kavaliers Triadic Propitiator, 2008.

Solo installation, Westport town library, and subsequent venues in Ireland.

Kavaliers Triadic Propitiator was built during a three month residency at the Custom House Studios in Westport. It is a kinetic machine that claims to be able to quell feelings of isolation and frustration in adolescent men. By sitting into the three arms of the contraption young men can spin around its centre, generating healthy levels of ‘Amandic Energy’. Wilhelm Franz Kavalier attested that this energy is instrumental in lowering suicide rates, incidents of risk taking while driving and violent assaults outside chip shops in groups of young Irish males. As they orbit about the machines central glass tower, the four discs beneath it spin in opposing directions to each other and at contrasting speeds, creating a supplementary optical experience that is reportedly calming and soothing.

The Triadic Propitiator was installed in the Westport Town Public Library for one month and was free for the community to use. At an event opened with a speech by Fr. John Kenny, a local parish priest, the machines workings were demonstrated and discussed.

An informative poster and handout that featured at the event can be found to the right. Kavaliers Triadic Propitiator was subsequently installed in Thomastown as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival and in The Back Loft, Dublin.

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