Excavations, 2015.

Frontiers In Retreat exhibition, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki International Artists Program (HIAP), Finland.

'The second international group exhibition organised by HIAP within the Frontiers in Retreat project (2013–2018) moves between underground and aboveground in both theme and method. The artists explore historical and emergent dependencies between beings, things, and worldly phenomena through acts of surfacing, exposing, extracting, re-assembling, redirecting and rehearsing.'

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Carl Giffney (Dublin, Offaly)
Tue Greenfort (Berlin)
Barbara Knezevic (Dublin)
Tuomas A. Laitinen (Helsinki, Los Angeles)
Hanna Ljungh (Stockholm)
Mirko Nikolic (London, Belgrade)
The BodyBuilding Project (Helsinki, Berlin, NYC,
Washington D.C.)

Curator Jenni Nurmenniemi (HIAP)
in dialogue with Saara Hannula
(The BodyBuilding Project)


Excavations (HIAP).
Excavations (FIR).