The Solution, 2009.

Collaborative work for This must be the place, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin, Ireland.

The Solution is the first collaboration between Ruth Lyons and Carl Giffney as The Good Hatchery for This Must Be The Place that took place in The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA). The exhibitions curators Paul Murnaghan and Sally Timmons, asked ten artist-led initiatives to respond to the question ‘How do we think?’.

The Solution is the new, physical work that was made by Carl
Giffney and Ruth Lyons. It holds and dispenses water from nine water towers found in the midlands of Ireland. Audience members could interact with the structure via a series of nine brass taps each with an image and GPS coordinates.

Potential energy to be found in obscure and bland places is of importance to The Good Hatchery. This work marked the
beginning of their interest in what they term The ultra-ordinary.

The Solution featured in Frieze art magazine. Image and text were found in Maeve Connollys article 'Dublin'.

Also, Claire Feely expands on the ultra-ordinary at CIRCA.

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