Supreme Court / Imperial Measurements, 2009.

Outdoor commission for 'ParkLife', Dublin, Ireland.

For ParkLife, six artists were commissioned by Dublin City Council to create new individual outdoor works for St Annes Park in Dublin in response to the ways in which people use the park today.

St. Annes park was formerly a private estate owned and used by the Guinness family. Since this time the estate house has been burned and the land made public. Although the park is now publicly owned and used, certain historical functions seem to remain. Local communities exercise an ownership over it and it still seems to function as a signifier of class for the locality. It is now used by over 45,000 people as apposed a single family estate.

Supreme Court is a Victorian style tennis court that was built to physicalise this happenstance. Victorian tennis, unlike our modern version, was a frivolous affair. It would accompany a picnic and was a leisure pursuit that served as a good signifier of a wealthy land owner. For ParkLife a contemporary incarnation of the Victorian model was made. ‘Being oppressive yet ludicrous, this unique tennis court has been created for the public living in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. People visiting St. Annes park are invited to use the tennis court as they see best fit.’ (Park Life press).

95 x 35 x 4 metres.
Oversized net poles, net, painted lines and steel rigging.

Curator: Claire Power.