Glasimile – Seahorses tired of living in the real world, 2010.

Collaborative exhibition for SOMA Contemporary, Waterford, Ireland.

Glasimile – Seahorses tired of living in the real world is the fourth collaborative work by Carl Giffney and Ruth Lyons as The Good Hatchery, made for SOMA in Waterford City. The exhibition involved six components: two video screenings, an interactive 3-d work filled with gin, a framed photograph, text on the gallery’s wall and the boarding up of all of the gallery’s windows.

The exhibition launch coincided with the launch of the new Waterford Crystal visitors centre and the relocation of the companys production factory to Germany. Waterford Crystal production was one of the largest industries in the city.

Glasimile began as a project that investigated the emblem of Waterford Crystal, the seahorse, by documenting its life within other commercial industries. To do this the Good Hatchery spent a time in Seahorse Aquariums Ireland, the only seahorse farm in Europe, found in the Ballymount industrial estate, Dublin.

The central work in Glasimile is a well that can be climbed by the means of a hexagonal spiral stair. On climbing its steps audience members can peer into the constructions core: a back lighted
glass well entirely filled with gin. The alcohic spirit can be
accessed by means of a small crystal glass on a golden