Triú / Third, 2014.

Solo work for Frontiers In Retreat, Scottish Sculpture Workshop.


Triú / Third is a project carried out while on residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) that in various ways investigates third place, and the third place. Triú focusses on the Scottish Independence Referendum and involves the building of full scale film set for the video documentary I really dont feel them (2014-2016).

It is an independent structure with power, television, signal receiver and sound equipment that plays live the BBC results of the Scottish Independence Referendum to a small audience who found themselves nearby. This / they in turn are documented in video (see stills).

The structure can house 8 people stacked (with ladder) at a time. It is outdoors in a car park and has a backup generator in case of power outage. A digital ariel / receiver picks up BBC 1 television.

Duration 12hrs, (live tv coverage), 9pm-9am.

White deal timber, plywood, television, signal receiver, ariel, speakers, flood lights, public signage, flags.

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