Partij voor Ierland *, 2012.

* Partir pour l’Irlande, Imirce go hÉirinn, Irlanda Partisi.

Solo work at Roodkapje Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Partij voor Ierland, or The Irish Party, aims to educate the people of The Netherlands about the support and opportunities available to them by the Irish State. For six weeks Partij voor Ierland was based in Roodkapje Rotterdams city centre space.

Partij voor Ierland uses Charles Haughey, a controversial former Taoiseach (head of government) of Ireland, as the source of its central material, ethics and politics. By using material from Charles Haughey himself, RTE (the Irish State Broadcaster), personal archives and the work of film maker Robert J. Flaherty, a history behind contemporary Ireland is made that involves pre-Christian tombs, the islands and woollen jumpers of Aran, the arming of the IRA, Colonel Gaddafis special love of Irish beef and above all, philanthropy. Partij voor Ierland promotes this specific history, by example, as a possible solution to some of the problems created by Partij voor de Vrijheid, or The Freedom Party, a right wing Dutch political party that sit in government in 2012 and 2013.

Pre-determinations on Irish tax clearance for EU-nationals and non-EU-nationals could be made on site. A Partij voor Ierland DVD box set that includes all screened material is available on request.