Lucite Fall, 2014.

Solo exhibition for the Galway Arts Centre, Ireland.

Lucite Fall is a solo exhibition at Galway Arts Centre, Ireland. Taking the format of a museum exhibition on two floors, it comprises of seven works that use mining, the building of mining apparatus and the logistics of labouring beneath ground as a form of empirical research. The traditional supports of religion and growth economy in Ireland are now well eroded. Lucite Fall investigates one particular place that is historic to both the movement of capital and the spiritual journey- the underground.

My generation has a thirst to know where these disappearing things came from, and in this elemental environment, devoid and rich, where place meets prize- thirsts can be quenched.

HD video screening (58mins), conversation with artist Sean Lynch (colour print of 5), white deal, plywood, stones, rubble, wall, bearing head, lead, uniform, pendulum, palanquin.

Dimensions variable.