Bravo Serotonin, 2012.

The Good Hatchery, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

* * *

Bravo Serotonin was a project initiated and organised by Carl Giffney in 2012. In the winter of this year a hurricane hit Ireland and knocked over a very old chestnut tree that stood beside the Good Hatchery studios. The tree was also very big and, if it could be processed, it had a lot of wood in it. With this in mind a public call was advertised for participants to take part in a wood work project. After much discussion, some drawing and some fire, the plan was made. We would cut, carve, shave, saw and split the tree into a watertight dug out canoe. This boat would be motorised. The dug out canoe was taken from the centre of Ireland, where it was made, to Dublin harbour along the Grand Canal.

* *

Participants included: Jessica Cheryl Bance, Roisin Beirne, Clare Louise Bligh, Sinead Breathnach Cashell, Mitch Conlon, Hugh Cooney, Sinead Corcoran, Vanessa Daws, Carl Giffney, Eileen Hanlon, Callum Elizabeth, Sam Hill, Ann Maria Healy, Helen Horgan, Gareth Kennedy, Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch, Tom Lynn, Ruth Lyons, Simon McAlister, Emma Houllihan, Juliana McAlister, Roger O'Shea, Peter Prendergast, Paul Regan, Cillian Walsh, Niall Walsh, Tom Watt, David Vidich.

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