BGAA, 2018.

Social exhibition for the Gallery Of Modern Art, Waterford, Ireland.

1. Welcome to the BGAA, the backgammon associative academy. Please come right in. Feel free to make yourself tea or coffee here, and you can follow me on through here, into here. This is our stadium, and our school.

2. The BGAA is an academy of backgammon based in Waterford City, Ireland. The BGAA welcomes people to visit our purpose built stadium, watch some backgammon, learn the game with our coaches and even enter into games.

3. From 8th August - 21st September 2018 the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) operated as a school for the board game backgammon.

4. A group of people were taught the game and they in turn taught visitors to the gallery, many of whom became teachers, and so on. A recurring audience was formed and relationships that were socio-cyclical took place.

5. The BGAA is the resulting group of people who know each other through the school and together operate the ongoing games.

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