Bringloid V Colony, 2012.

Solo exhibition for The Black Mariah, Cork, Ireland.

1905. Richard Sutcliffe invents the first conveyor belts for use in coal mining.

1913. Henry Ford introduces conveyor belt assembly lines at car factories.

1966. The first episode of Star Trek is screened. The series continues to be produced and screened today.

Star Trek is a fictional television series that sees a team of human and alien life forms travelling about the universe meeting different cultures, technologies and happenstances in each episode.

Episode 44 of The Next Generation series is entitled Up the Long Ladder and sees the crew encounter the Bringloid V Colony- a community of Irish people called The Bringloidi who live on the planet Bringloid V. The community left earth to return to a traditional lifestyle that disregards the developments of the industrial revolution. They live closely with their animals and use spinning wheels to make textiles and stills to make whiskey.

Linguistic note: brionglóid or bringloid (n. Gaeilge / Irish) translates to dream (n. English)

White deal, red deal, plywood, collection of original Star Trek
VHS tapes - Original Series, The Next Generation and Voyager made into conveyor belt with brass hinges and fittings.

9 x 1 x 4 meters approx.
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